Make sure you generate the token using the correct account. The bot token has to be generated using the bot’s Twitch account. The Streamer token has to be generated using your own Twitch account. Also be sure to copy the entire token including the oauth: part at the beginning.

Name Change

If you were to change your Twitch Name using Twitch’s name change service then make sure you change the channel the bot connects to under Connections -> Twitch Bot. Aside from this also be sure to update your username for Connections -> Twitch Streamer in case you have that connected.

Small warning though apparently 10 days after a name change Twitch drops all your connections. So after about 10 days your streamer account might not connect to chat. If this happens to you be sure to regenerate your Twitch Streamer token and you’ll be set.

In case you want to transfer your own currency from your old username to your new you can either do it through the UI or use the !transfer oldname newname command ex: !transfer ankhheart ankh

The bot has a built in !transfer command which can be used to transfer points between two individuals. If this is the case and you can verify that the person is who he claims to be then simply make use of !transfer oldname newname ex: !transfer ankhheart ankh

Freezing / Crashing

Your Anti-Virus most likely destroyed the Websocket-Sharp.dll file. You can download this file again on this page. You simply have to open up the Bot’s Install Directory, Navigate to the Lib Folder and place it in there and then restart the bot again.

First of all the bot can not delete itself. The cause for this is most likely your Anti-Virus that picked up AnhkBot as a false positive and decided to remove it from your system without your physical consent (clicking a button).

There can be various reasons that prevent the bot from starting up such as:

  • You didn’t install both the x86 AND x64 C++ Redistributables as mentioned on the download page.
  • You Anti-Virus deleted the WebSocket-Sharp.dll file. (Go to the download page, grab it and follow the instructions listed there)
  • Your Anti-Virus deleted the AnkhBot.exe file.

If your Anti-Virus has deleted the AnkhBot.exe file we recommend whitelisting the entire AnkhBotR2 Install Directory in your Anti-Virus so it doesn’t randomly delete files.
After whitelisting the bot simply redownload the installer run it, click next a couple of times and it should install it in it’s previously installed directory by simply updating / replacing the core files, your Settings will be safe.


Make sure the CefSharp.BrowserSubProcess.exe is not blocked by your AntiVirus/Firewall. This file can be found in the bot’s install directory under the Lib folder. Be sure to whitelist it if there are issues.

If that does not resolve your problem close the bot, go into the Twitch -> Settings folder in the bot’s install directory and delete the SongQueue.bin and SongRequestSettings.bin. Afterwards launch the bot again.

Make sure Windows Media Player is installed since that’s being used in the background to play the audio.

Settings (Cogwheel) -> Localization -> Songrequest. If you wish to do this simply replace the $id parameter in the Song Request Functionality field with $readapi(https://beta.decapi.me/youtube/videoid?search=$msg) This will allow users to type !songrequest Hotline Bling. Which will call the API and it will return the ID for you. This is useful for Mobile users.

In order for viewers to receive whispers now they have to Whisper your bot first . It seems that Twitch has made some changes in regards to their Whisper Spam Protection. If further down the road your bot stops sending whispers all together we suggest that you take a look HERE. In order to get your bot whitelisted on Twitch you have to contact Twitch Help.

Seems like some people are having issues with the bot paying out currency. Here are a few steps that you can take to fix this.

Connect Twitch Streamer Account

Under normal circumstances the bot uses the connected Twitch Streamer account to determine if the channel is live. If this is not connected then the bot cannot verify that you’re live. This means certain functionality will not work such as: Follower Notifications, Host Notifications, Sub Notifications, Dashboard Tab, Paying out points, Adding Hours watched,…

Twitch Streamer Account Is Connected

If your account is properly connected under Twitch Streamer then try generating a new token and this should start working properly again.

Cannot Connect Twitch Streamer Account

Now if for any reason you are hosting the bot on your System for a streamer and you cannot connect their account to the Twitch Streamer Login then you can use the alternative Checkbox under Settings -> General -> Basics , called “I am a mod hosting the bot for the streamer (No streamer account connected)” This will force the bot to check based on the Channel it connects to instead of the connected Streamer account.

Check the Online Payout

The online payout has to be at least 1. If this is set to 0 then the bot won’t pay out a single point to anyone.

In order for the Global Hotkeys to work properly you have to go to Settings (Cogwheel) -> Hotkeys and assign them there. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and click on apply to save your changes otherwise your Hotkey will not work. There are also cases of certain games blocking Global Hotkeys when they’re being played in FullScreen so it is highly recommended to play in either Windowed or Windowed Borderless mode.

If for any reason playing in Windowed or Borderless mode does not solve your issue then it is likely that the game in question is blocking keyboard events and is hogging them. In this case there is nothing we can do about it since we didn’t write the game.

If for some reason you can’t connect to Spotify make sure your SpotifyWebHelper is enabled. This can be enabled by going to Edit -> Preferences on Spotify. Scroll down to the bottom and Show Advanced settings. In the Advanced Setting under Startup and Window Behaviour make sure that Allow Spotify to be opened from the Web is Enabled. Afterwards restart spotify entirely.

If you’re using Spotify for Songrequest check your Spotify Client for it’s version. This can be done by going to Help -> About , If the version number is or lower then you are fine.

If it is higher then they pushed a Beta build on you which doesn’t start the local webserver which the bot uses the communicate with Spotify.

If this is the case then simply uninstall spotify and redownload it from the Spotify website. It should install again and you should be set.


When the bot doesn’t reply to commands on Discord it can mean one of two things. The person trying to use the commands did not perform the !linkdiscord process which is detailed in the Documentation (Yes this exists under the ? on the bot or on this very website under Documentation) or the usage of the commands has not been set to All or Chat Both depending on how you want the commands to be used. For normal commands this can be done by setting the Usage. As for the built in commands go to Settings (cogwheel) -> Usage and change it there for the command in question.


All your locally stored data can be found in the Bot’s install directory. Simply create a backup by clicking the Save disk in the top right next to the ? and pick the output folder. Aside from this the bot can also make Auto Backups. I suggest reading the section in regards to the Cloud for this.

Your Anti-Virus, Firewall, Router,… is blocking the update. Whitelist the entire AnkhBot Directory to prevent it from tampering with anything that the bot does.

What you can also do is check your Taskmanager and make sure only one AnkhBot process is running, be sure to check your background processes if more than one process is running close down those extra processes and try updating again.

If this does not help then go to the Save Icon in the top right and backup all your data just in case.

Next up download the latest version manually and install that. By default it should install in the directory where AnkhBot already resides and will overwrite just the core files such as the .exe, .dlls, etc…

If for some reason your files go missing be glad. You made a backup if you read followed all the steps. Simply go to Connections -> Cloud and click Import backup and navigate to the folder with your backup and import it.

If your bot is not starting up after the update then your Anti-Virus either deleted the .exe file or some of the .dlls which it was trying to update. To fix this problem simply go to to the Download page and grab the latest installer. Run it and simply click next till it’s done installing. It should automatically pick your current install path as the default and update all the files properly unless your anti-virus interferes again.

It is highly recommended to exclude the bot’s install directory from your Anti-Virus to prevent it from tampering with files and randomly deleting things.