Partnering with Streamlabs – 22/11/2017

Harro AnkhBot Users!

We’ve kept all of you waiting from our previous blog and the wait has come to an end! As you all know, we have been looking for a way to turn AnkhBot into a business and monetize, so we could continue development and make it even better.

To make this all possible, we have decided to join the Streamlabs’ Family and combine our forces to bring you the best possible bot.

What this means to the users? You will be able to continue using the bot you love with awesome new features! Our teams will take your requests into consideration for new ones and will be handling support the same way we always did with awesome help from Streamlabs.

As of this blog post all URLs to will be redirecting to If you have any questions regarding this change, feel free to contact us on: [email protected]

Kind Regards,

AnkhBot Team.

Addressing Community Concerns – 05/08/2017

Hello AnkhBot users,

Due to the misunderstanding that’s been noticed by people on Twitter/Discord and our E-mails we’d like to address 3 points to clarify what our premium is and what it will provide.
To know what features are free and what’s premium? click Here

1. Premium will allow python scripting and give developers/users with python experience a more of a semi-open source bot to create your own integrations with a friendly UI and allow of an OBS Remote integration

2. Going premium is optional, if you would like to continue growing our product with us and having more features (soon™ to be announced publicly) your support would be greatly appreciated.

3. Not going premium does not mean you will lose any core features that you have previously used and loved! The bot will still be updated regardless of premium membership (that don’t have the [Premium / Trial] Tag) and new features will still be free of charge! As well as improvements done from the suggestions recieved on Twitter/#suggestions in our Discord from back in March/April.

Please do not attack our volunteers on Discord, they are there to help users in need. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards,

AnkhBot Team.

Future of AnkhBot – 01/05/2017

First of all we would like to thank everyone that that has supported AnkhBot in March & April. The support you have all given us has been amazing and was far greater than we expected.

The donation button has been disabled for the time being because we are currently exploring the possibility of turning AnkhBot in to a business. In order to do this we need time so it doesn’t feel right to leave the Donation button up.

Starting May we will be taking a look at risks, registration fees, yearly costs, … and determine whether it is feasible or not. So leaving the Donation Button up while all of this is going on doesn’t sit well with us.

If this all goes through don’t worry the bot won’t suddenly be locked behind a paywall. We will be looking into ways to keep it free to use but still make a living off of it.

Features & bug fixes for April will rollout as per usual, so no need to worry about those.

Update Part 1: After researching some of the basic costs would include 720 EUR Social Taxes every three months, 85,50 EUR Registration Fee, 55 EUR (+21% Tax) Activation Company Number / Tax Identification Number.

Update Part 2: Currently we’re also in contact with an already established company to see if we can possibly work together with them.

We will keep you posted as things develop!

Kind Regards,

Team AnkhBot